So basic details first; my name's Graham, born August 1981 and married to the amazing Sarah since August 2015. Spent a lot of my early childhood in Germany and moving as my Dad was in the British Army but even in all that, gaming was never too far away from my hobby list. From an Amstrad to Commodore 64 to Spectrums, there was always a machine to play games on somewhere and as I got older Master Systems, Gameboys and Super Nintendo's made appearances on the shelf under my TV. There was more than 1 trip to my mates houses to play on PC's, Mega Drives and Playstations. Then Microsoft launched a big block of black plastic and wires called the XBox, with a small title called Halo: Combat Evolved; and I've never been without a console since (yes I'm a console peasant and proud)

My content creation career started on 6th October 2016 when I first fired up the Kinect camera & microphone and streamed Jackbox from the XBox as a way to play games with friends and family around the country. From there, the seed was planted and a new hobby was born. Whilst I am almost exclusively an XBox gamer/streamer, I like to play a variety of games and streaming has introduced me to games I never would otherwise even thought about playing. Adding streaming to my gaming time has really helped my confidence and helped manage my mental health issues.

Having variety extends to beyond games and soon my itch to get back into DJ'ing was back. When I was 18 and raving all night to some of the finest DJ's in the world, I had my own set of decks and was inspired by the likes of Billy "Daniel" Bunter and DJ Brisk. Sadly I had to sell the decks to get myself out of the debt hole I'd gotten myself into. But the love of neither the DJ'ing or the music faded so on the 4th June 2017, after I'd found a website with all the licensing, the first OneSeventyOut show aired. Showcasing the harder side of EDM and playing from a variety of years, the show has become a regular slot in my content creation. I also have regular shows on World Of Hardcore and Dose Radio and I've also started mixing with vinyl.

Not content there, I got into vlogging in July 2017. Mostly covering streaming updates and what I got up to that week, it gave me a chance to talk about more personal goings on (my first one was in reaction to Chester Bennington taking his own life). Expanding that even further, I started interviewing other content creators about their craft.


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